Introduction of Association

Having successfully completed the foundation of its organization, bringing together its assembly, foundation, associations and  exporters union, the hvac-r sector is situated to become a powerhouse of the Turkish economy.

One of the rare sectors that publish a Strategic Plan, hvac-r has determined its vision for 2023 and set out to achieve a domestic and foreign market volume of USD 55 billion.

Strategies and goals of Association;

Having joined forces under the HVAC-R Industry Exporters Association, the companies in this sector now have the ability to make exports more comprehensively, effectively and strongly. The air-conditioning sector, a symbol of quality among Turkish export products, has embarked on a major move forward in both domestic and foreign markets. Our brands are highly sought -after in international markets, and the Turkish air-conditioning sector increases its competitiveness daily with its highly effective Exporters Association.

Purpose of Association:

SOSİAD was established to provide cooperation, solidarity and information exchange among members working in the fields of representation, sales and manufacturing of refrigeration, air conditioners, automatic control devices, their main and spare parts and to provide information about economic, financial, legal, administrative, technological export and import problems,

to provide the refrigeration market in Turkey and bring it to the highest level, to make the necessary work for the cooling of the country, to provide the air conditioning needs and to provide the advanced products with high quality and to reach the quality products.

Our members are required to sign and implement SOSIAD’s “Principals of Business Ethics”.


Moving the Turkish air-conditioning and refrigeration sector to a dominant position at international market, adding value to the sectors it serves , and be among the dominant players of economy.


To carry out studies that will bring higher quality, safety, fair competition and added value to improve the Turkish climate and cooling market and strengthen its global integration.


In October 2005, SOSİAD was a non-governmental organization launched by the sector’s leading importer companies in order to bring vitality to the sector, to help the sector’s problems, to improve the solidarity and business environment between the members and to be informed continuously from the market.

SOSIAD started to working at 19.12.2005 by making its first general assembly. Our association, which is established with 16 members, today has 102 members from 96 companies.

6th Ordinary General Assembly was held on 13 January 2016 and M.Metin TERZİBAŞIOĞULLARI was elected as the chairman of the Board of Directors. Increasing the number of the members, speeding up commission studies and providing better services in the sector are some of the goals of the new management. Our association is operating at their new office since 07.07.2010.