DN2 Capillary Hoses

The QUADRA DN2 (internal diameter 2mm), flexible thermoplastic capillary hose, in two colors orange and black, represent the most efficient and developed system for the connection of pressure gauges, pressure switches and pressure test points

Product Description

Transfer Oil advice the standardization of use of the QUADRA DN2 hose, choosing the orange color for the high pressure circuits and the black color for the low pressure circuits, so identifying in an unambiguous way the two parts of the circuit. This reduces the possibilities of misconnections of the two pressure lines of the machine during production and maintenance. The extraordinary number of QUADRA DN2 fittings covers all possible types of installations, making the need of copper rigid tubes and capillaries unnecessary. QUADRA DN2 hoses and fittings can be easily assembled using the specific QUADRA hand pliers RXA007.

Technical Video