2-way Pressure Actuated Water Valves
Commercial Applications These pressure actuated modulating valves control the quantity of water to a condenser by directly sensing pressure changes in a refrigerant circuit.

Product Description

The valves can be used in non-corrosive refrigerant systems. Ammonia power elements and valves designed for salt-water applications are available.
The valves have a quick opening characteristic and open on pressure increase (direct acting). Reverse acting (close on pressure increase) is possible.

•Pressure balanced valve design
•Pressure actuated
•3/8, 1/2, 3/4” are angled body type valves with high Kv value
•3/8” up to 2” pressure valves “all range” types
•Quick opening valve characteristics
•No close fitting or sliding parts in water passages
•Easy to disassemble. All parts can be replaced
•Special bronze bodies and monel parts
•Power elements with stainless steel bellows available
•Wide range of pressure connection styles
•Nickel plated seats available for 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4” valves
•Direct/reverse action

Dimensions in mm
Valve Size A B C D E F G H I J
1½“ 137 242 144 18 150 47 67 13 110
2″ 168 299 164 20 165 57 89 16 125 18
21/2 172 185 70 145
Ordering Codes Range (bar) Body Style Size DIN2533 Flang Connections Style Capillary Length
V46AR-9300 5…18 Straight 1½ “ 5
V46AR-9600 13 75
V46AS-9300 5…11.5 2” 5
V46AS-9301 CO
V46AT-9300 5.11.5 2/”
V46AT-9301 00
Technical Document