SI 30 Drenaige Pump

The Si-30 is suitable for all air conditioners up to 5.6 tons (20 kW / 67kBtu). Specifically designed for lifting condensate and for its usability, the Si-30 is silent regardless of the volume of condensate.

Product Description
Technical details
Max flow rate 5 gph, 19 l/h
Max discharge head 33 ft, 10 m
Max suction head 10 ft, 3 m
Max pressure 46 ft, 14 m
Insulation class Double insulation
Mains supply 120V: (SI3000SIUS11) 230V: (SI3000SIUS23)
Operation conditions 70%: 3s ON – 1s OFF
Protection  IP20
Weight 1.10 lb, 0,48 kg
Master pack quantity 20
Safety switch Detection unit
Thermal protection 239 deg. F (auto-reset)
Technical Document