Sauermann SI 33 Model Drenaige Pump

Product Description


The high capacity Si-33 (30l/h) is suitable for air-conditioning units from 20 kW up to 30 kW.

The piston pump inside the Si-33 is specifically designed for removing condensates from air conditioning systems, whatever the environment.


● « Sauermann inside » : new piston, patented technology

– High performance: pump suitable for air-conditioning units from 20 kW up to 30 kW. It replaces the SI1730 and EE1750.

– High resistance to pollution created by general environment. Capable of discharging small particles.

– Proven Reliability.

● Low sound level

– Low sound level in operation: 34 dBA independently tested.

– New mounting bracket specifically designed to reduce vibration transmission to the wall / panel or pipework.

● Easy to install

– Compact design.

– New mounting bracket : allows the pump to be wall mounted or hung from ceilings and pipework.

– Plug-in power cord to make maintenance and replacement hassle free.

● Energy saving

Improved performance and high flow rate reduce operation time and energy consumption.


  • Piston pump
  • Anti-vibration mounting bracket
  • Plug in power cable with 2 safety switch wires (1,5 m)
  • 6 tie wraps, 2.5 x 100mm
  • Detection unit (SI2958, 1.5m cable)
  • Detection unit installation kit :
    • rubber elbow 90° Øint.15 x L 60mm,
    • vent tube Øint 4 x L 75 mm,
    • mounting rail,
    • adhesive.


For use with any air-conditioning units, from 20 kW up to 30 kW:

– Wall mounted

– Ceiling suspended

– Ducted & Fan-coils

Technical Details

Max flow rate 8 gph
Max discharge head 43 ft
Max suction head 13 ft
Max pressure 60 ft
Insulation class Double insulation
Mains supply 120V: (SI33UL01US12) / 230V: (SI33UL01US23)
Operation conditions 40%: 3s ON – 5s OFF
Protection IP20
Weight 1.10 lb
Master pack quantity 20
Safety switch
NC 8A resistive – 250 V
Detection unit
Thermal protection
239 deg. F (auto-reset)
Technical Document