Sauermann SI 82 Model Drenaige Pump

Product Description

The Si-82 pump is designed to be easily installed whatever the layout of the premises.

Capable of evacuating up to 500 l/h, the Si-82 pump is suitable for air conditioning units and industrial refrigeration displays.

Strong, the Si-82 tolerates charged, high temperature and acidic condensates (pH>2.5) produced by gas condensing boilers.


High performance

– Can discharge condensates up to 5m

– Up to 500 l/h, for shorter running time

– Low sound level – quiet operation

Installation in any place

Pump can be floor mounted, attached on a wall or hanging from a ceiling.


Easily removable tank and reversible pump, to allow mounting rather on the left or on the right of the application and choosing the side of the water exit.

Easy electrical connection

New plug-in power cord to facilitate installation and maintenance.

Easy hydraulic connection

– New quarter turn easily removable check valve, designed to facilitate Øint10 mm (3/8”) hose plug in

– 4 inlet holes Ø 30 mm (1″ 3/16)

High resistance

– Oil and acid resistant float

– Mechanical structure resistant to shocks


  • One-piece centrifugal pump with tank (2L).
  • Integrated barb end check valve Øext 10 mm (3/8”).
  • Plug-in power (1.5m, bare ends) & safety switch cord, (1.5 m, bare ends)
  • Øext 10 mm (3/8”) to Øext 6 mm (1/4”) straight connector
  • 2 screws + 2 plugs


● Column air conditioning units ● Multi cassettes ● Ducted units

● Condensing boilers ● High efficiency gas furnace

● Refrigerating display cabinets ● Evaporators

Technical Details

Max flow rate 500 l/h
Max discharge head 5 m
Max pressure 5,4 m
Mains supply 230V ~ 50Hz – 70W – 0.67A
Operation conditions 30%: 3s ON – 7s OFF
Max condensate temperature 65 °C
Max condensate acidity ph > 2.5
Protection IP20
Tank volume 2 l
Weight 2,5 kg
Master pack quantity 4
Safety switch
NC4 A resistive – 250V
integrierter Schwimmerschalter
Thermal protection
105°C (Auto-reset)
Technical Document