To become a strong and respected global company that grows with the difference it creates.


Taking the universal values as a principle and moving Espa to the future.

Espa’s Principles

Espa’s Principles: since 1987, ESPA owes its reputation, reliability and principled stance to its responsibilities towards the HEATING, COOLING and AIR CONDITIONING sector.

*To be honest in all activities to the state, to customers, to shareholders, to employees and to partners.

*To protect nature and the internal social balance in all activities.

*Directing the customer without force and prioritizing customer requests.

*To give importance to human values and to create all kinds of discriminative working environment.

*Create employees who are part of the solution, not the trouble.

*Under these circumstances, to realize profits that stakeholders are entitled to.

*As an institution that links its activities with systems and procedures, keeping teamwork ahead; sharing profit, loss, success, and failure.

*To implement independent management and centralized control.

*All personnel are motivated by profit according to certain formulas of two or one sided.

*Providing modern technological assimilations by educating all personnel every year for a certain period, according to their situation and subjects.